• Joko Anwar

Just hours ago via his Twitter account, the talented director Joko Anwar announces his latest film called “A Copy of My Mind”. This film has previously been awarded at the Busan International Film Festival which took place in Korea at the beginning of last October 2014. As a reward, Joko Anwar received 10 thousand US dollars for the production of his film, from the Korean film company known as CJ Entertainment. With this money, he can make a feature length film of “A Copy Of My Mind”. For your short information, the film tells a story about the life of two lovers involved in political intrigue after finding a DVD that contains evidence of corruption involving a president. This film features Chicco Jerikho dan Tara Basro as the main actors.

Here is the official synopsis. Thirty year-old Alex makes a living doing subtitles for pirated DVDs and Sari, 28, works treating pimples in a cheap beauty salon. At 5PM, she walks home and stops by the pirated DVD shops. Their paths cross and they become lovers. One day, Sari is asked to visit a jail to give an inmate a facial. The inmate is a high profile woman, Mrs. Talyta, who knows all the dirty laundry of many high ranking officials. Her prison cell looks more like a hotel room, including a home theater, and Sari steals a DVD from a shelf, not knowing that it actually contains recordings of illegal transactions between businessmen and high-ranking officials. The DVD also contains evidence that could disqualify a presidential candidate whom many people fear will become another dictator if elected president. Mrs. Talyta’s men are soon looking for Sari.

Joko Anwar has enjoyed both commercial and critical success as a writer and director. His directing debut, Joni’s Promise in 2005 was a box office smash and his second film, the noirish genre-bender Kala in 2007 was named one of the best films of the year by Sight and Sound Magazine. He then continued with the psychological thriller The Forbidden Door in 2009 which won top prize at Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, and which was again named one of the year’s best by Sight and Sound Magazine. He then wrote and directed his first English-speaking film Modus Anomali in 2012 which also won praise from critics and earned international distribution.

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