A few hours ago the band from the island of Bali, Navicula released a video teaser to unveil their new material for their upcoming album. After just twittering through through their official Twitter account, they decided to just threw a fifty seconds video plus additional photos through their Instagram accounts and official YouTube channel of Navicula on Tuesday night, January 27th 2015.

Through the minimalist video, it shows few acoustic musical instruments laid out like a jamming set and Navicula logo on the wooden floor in the middle of a room with a traditional set. Just seconds after the intro, there is a word “Tatap Muka” appears in the middle of the video that also accompany the band members as they make an entry into the set. Each of them take their places and announced that the word “Tatap Muka” will be the main title for their upcoming 8th album.

Far from distortion and pounding drums that characterize the grunge sounds, the music that plays as the background in the video is actually nuanced acoustic-fusion. There will be 8 songs in the album “Tatap Muka”. Everything will be play in acoustic mode, recorded live, and later will also be released on DVD. For those of you who are willing to make a purchase, the album “Tatap Muka” is scheduled to be released worldwide on March 2015. It was produced by Volcom Entertainment and Navicula.

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