Few days ago the independent grunge band from the island of Bali, Navicula just released the official music video for “Merdeka” which is taken from their latest album “Tatap Muka”. This single is actually an old track that was released in 2007 under an album “Beautiful Rebel”. However for this latest release, Robi, Dankie, Made and Gembull decided to make several changes, both in terms of music, the selection of acoustic arrangements, until the sound of the vocals. Arguably the single “Merdeka” is the first song that is released by the Navicula from their latest album. Although this song was renewed, it does not reduce the beauty and artistic of the song. Navicula once again voiced the freedom for every single human figure in the planet through the slick-rick of acoustic melody. As for the music video, it is produced by themselves and Volcom Entertainment as executive producer. While there are also Est.Imagination being a video recorder and Antinda Music Production as the record producer. For those of you who are willing to see more about Navicular and their live-acoustic performance, you can see the whole footage via their DVD set of “Tatap Muka”.

Navicula was formed in 1996 in Denpasar, Bali. After changing personnel numerous times, the current formation is Robi (vocals, guitar), Dankie (guitar), Made (bass), and Gembull (drums). The name Navicula was inspired by a type of single celled golden algae, which is shaped like a small ship. Their music has a grunge rock undertone, but it is combined with many other genres of sound, such as ethnic, psychedelic, alternative, progressive, and straightforward rock. Most of their lyrics are heavy with activism messages of peace, love and freedom. Though the band has always been active in the indie music scene, in 2004 they signed a contract with Sony BMG, a major label in Indonesia. Navicula released their 4th album “Alkemis” with Sony BMG Indonesia. But, in 2007 they released their 5th album “Beautiful Rebel” independently and returned to following their ideals through the indie music scene. Navicula is based in Bali, but as an independent band, they continue to keep up a national profile. While their music is strongly influenced by alternative 90s rock, especially grunge rock seattle-sound. Navicula believes, through art, a language youth can relate to, they are planting the seeds of change. Navicula continues to support social and environmental campaigns in Indonesia and around the world.

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