After previously announced their first debut album as Dekat, Kamga, Chevrina and Tata decided to have a live recorded performance with the crew from Sounds From The Corner. This annual session by the digital media certainly unveiled the talent that each member has, along with their musical performances. For those who do not know about Dekat, they are previously known as Tangga, a group music from Jakarta, Indonesia with pop genre. There were four members, including Tahir Hadiwijoyo aka Tata, Mohammed Kamga, Nerra Merlin, and Chevrina Anayang. They had four albums, including the self titled in 2005. To mark their return to the Indonesian music business, they recently released an album called “Lahir Kembali” and introduced few of Hip Hop and RnB music inspired, such as “Istimewa”, “Mana Dusta Mana Nyata”, “Bila Aku”, “Lahir Kembali”, and many more.

Sounds From The Corner is an Indonesia based project. A collective project that extends the honesty of real music performances for your hungry eyes and ears. It is a mixture of raw ideas born in the middle of local music scenes, delivering nifty and well produced music videos visually and audibly. This is their way to give back, inspire, and pay respect. To understand what makes Sounds From The Corner such a prominent instrument for exposure and publicity, consider four facts, such as viewers have decent access to the videos, it is a live music performance – far from lip-synced senseless shows, all of the bands are curated with heart, and quality is their currency. It is made to support and appreciate all of good music out there, to connect all of the dots into the right place. They are trying to exhibit great local music to the next level of appreciation, both locally and hopefully internationally. It is created by passionate people such as Dimas Wisnuwardono and Teguh Wicaksono.

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