After previously announced their very first album, a new indie pop group called Dekat created by three talented musicians known as Mohammed Kamga, Chevrina Anayang, and Tahir Hadiwijoyo decided to released their newest single into a music video dubbed as “Mana Dusta, Mana Nyata”. This visual performance created by Marcellino Nugraha and Anugrah Swastadi somehow offer a similar story to the American supernatural horror film directed by William Friedkin and adapted by William Peter Blatty from his 1971 novel of the same name called The Exorcist. For those who do not know about Dekat, they are previously known as Tangga, a group music from Jakarta, Indonesia with pop genre and hip-hop sounds. There were four members, including Tahir Hadiwijoyo aka Tata, Mohammed Kamga, Nerra Merlin, and Chevrina Anayang. They had four albums, including the self titled in 2005. To mark their return to the Indonesian music business, they recently released an album called “Lahir Kembali” and introduced few of Hip Hop and RnB music inspired, such as “Istimewa”, “Mana Dusta Mana Nyata”, “Bila Aku”, “Lahir Kembali”, and many more. Without further information please the entire music video of “Mana Dusta, Mana Nyata” directed by Victor Studiaminto and Cepi Gober.

Meaning close in English, Dekat is a vocal group consist of Chevrina Anayang, Mohammed Kamga, and Tahir Hadiwijoyo formed in March 2014 and has lauched their mini album called “Lahir Kembali” in early September 2014. This group is form as an answer to show music industry that they felt has dictated too much in creativity. Before seriously joined Tangga and entered the music studio, they have to pursue a variety of activities. Tata, Nerra, and Desty engaged in the world model and soap opera, while Kamga struggling in the field of sports. Seeing the success of the first album, Tangga decided to re-entered the music studio again as to prepare for their next album. Unfortunately, when the album is already 95% completed, Desty decided to resigned in early December 2006 after everything almost done, including the cover of the album and launch of their latest single “Cinta Begini”. Once she is gone, the band decided to create an open audition for the newest band member. They finally met with Chevrina and immediately replaced Desty as main vocalist. After more or less 9 years as vocal group called Tangga, meaning stairs in English, now they decided to break free and produce a music that is sincere and really close to their heart. Listen, download, and stream the full album here through their official Facebook fan page. You can also watch their outdoor performance of “Mana Dusta, Mana Nyata” featuring Ibrani Pandean as guitarist below.

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