They are two animated music artists produced in Indonesia for the South East Asian market known as Plentis and Kentus. The fictional characters are created by the popular producer and manager of local boyband CJR, Patrick Effendy. For your short information, Plentis and Kentus are two best-friends from the same school, SDN Fajar Pagi Membentang, in Cahaya Nur village who have a dream of becoming professional musician. According to Mr. Effendy, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, Inbekplus Artist Management, and Sony Music Visual Expert Animation will present these animated music artists with a debut album in the upcoming few weeks. In order to present them to the mass public, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia has recently uploaded two teaser videos via their YouTube channel. Both videos do not explain what they are trying to do instead focusing on its cartoon-friendly visual. For more information about these two animated music artists, please follow their Twitter account @plentiskentus or like their Facebook page here.

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