Although most of you might have heard this band previously by their various hit single featuring famous musician and bassist Bondan Prakoso, Fade2Black is a prominent rap band that has been popularly known since the middle of 2000 in the city of Bogor, West Java. All the original members from Tito, Arie, Eza, and Coki decided to make a comeback this year with newest single called “Pasti Bisa!”. According to the press releases that we got, this new song is about bringing hope and love to the entire human race, especially in Indonesia where people live in the harsh reality. Through this song, the band hopes to help realize the dream of all Indonesian, especially when they heard the innocence voice of the children in the song, which will asserts them all to have the right to dream, aim high, and make it happen. For more information about Fade2Black and their recent song, please visit their Twitter account here. You can also download the song “Pasti Bisa!” via .

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