International news channel that specializes in exploring uncomfortable truths and going to places we do not belong, VICE recently presented a sneak peek video for its series “VICE on HBO” about Palm oil business in Indonesia. As you might know, palm oil is used in almost all of the foods we eat and most of our household products, everything from packaged bread to cookies to toothpaste and soap. Production of palm oil has surged as a cheap alternative to trans fats. But as demand grows, growers in Indonesia are pushing farther and farther onto rainforest land, torching the forests as they go. The mass-burning of Indonesian jungles poses a major threat to wildlife, indigenous populations, and our global climate. Through this scenario, Ben Anderson who is part of VICE journalist goes to Indonesia to see the realities of the palm oil boom up close. For more information about Forest Nature and Environment Aceh and its Rainforest Action Network please visit both the links above.

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