An online media that talks about movies, TV, celebrities, and the entertainment world, recently updated their site and its YouTube channel with a special interview featuring the “Golden Voice” of Indonesian Theater known as Maria Oentoe. For those of you who does not know her, she is previously a supporting actress along with Gladys Suwandhi, Marissa Haque, Meriam Bellina, Mieke Widjaya, Mila Karmila, dan Zainal Abidin. Later she is known as a voice dubber for Indonesian films such as “Tutur Tinular” and “Saur Sepuh”. The sixty-seven year old voice dubber is now here to answer all of the questions that probably you would like to ask by yourself. Started from what it feels to known as the voice of 21 Cineplex, the strange or odd request by fans, what does it feels to be playing role in the film compare to be part of film crew, to how to survive in the local industry. For those of you who are willing to see all of the answers, please watch the entire video above created by Margie Patty of is an online media that talks about movies, TV, celebrities, and other things that are related to the entertainment world, local or internationally. The site is part of Octovate Group and DBM Group, which previously known to be the head company of popular female site As for the concept, the site will give you strong editorial content, with fun and entertaining feature. It also push forward the variety of news within the social media. In an era where information and entertainment are very quick and easy to reach, is here to help the reader to filter those uncertain news. will be here as a friend who can be an inspiration, providing relevant and appropriate references, as well as to provide an easy and useful source.

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