As one of the brightest private television in Indonesia which broadcasts in 2013, NET. TV recently announced that they will present a new drama series entitled “Masalembo” on May 2015. The series obviously is inspired by the mystery surrounded by the Masalembo itself, a small island located at the end of the Java. These small islands are located in the area of “T-junction” which is horizontal position of Java Sea from west to east and vertically position from the Strait of Makassar from north to south. This triangle pattern is clearly shows a perfect triangular shape in the form of an equilateral triangle. As for the show itself, we are clearly have no idea whatsoever but from the trailer that they showed above and below, it should be close to your favorite show created by the American Broadcasting Company known as Lost. But we are here not to judge them by the trailer only therefore please wait for the official announcement in the future. For more information about “Masalembo” and its official release date, feel free to visit the official site of NET. TV via several links above.

PT. NET MEDIATAMA INDONESIA is part of the business group of INDIKA GROUP. INDIKA name itself is an acronym for Industri Multimedia dan Informatika or simply translated as Multimedia and Information Industry. Currently, through PT. Indika Multimedia, INDIKA GROUP engaged in the Event Organizer, Promoter, Broadcast Equipment, Production House and Radio. Along with the development of information technology, PT. NET MEDIATAMA INDONESIA was established in the spirit of that entertainment and information content in the future should be more connected, more socialized, more profound, more personal, and more easily accessed by people, anywhere and anytime. Such programs we provide by NET. TV in order to be displayed in a variety of platforms so that users can enjoy information and entertainment is not limited. They also here as a media that focuses on entertainment and news channel. They hope that their presence can be a source of inspiration for the people of Indonesia.

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