Your favorite womenswear cult label from Jakarta, Nikicio once again uploaded a video during this lovely hours of your holiday featuring not just one but two prominent figures from the local fashion industry, such as Widika Sidmore and photograper Hilarius Jason. For your information, Widika Sidmore is one of Indonesia’s most sought after models. She has worked with some of the most notable talents from Indonesia, including photograper Hilarius Jason, whose stunning body of works belies his age. They are best friends outside of work which explains their pairing in this latest “Coffee Session”. Through this new segment created by the creative team of Nikicio, you will know the details about a person through several question based on everything. For instant, the interviewer will asks them on how do they take their coffee, what they do in the morning, their favorite tv series, their favorite songs, their favorite books, their last travel destination, things that they would like to eat for life, their favorite dessert, their celebrity crush, favorite part about their job, to the love your of life. Sounds interesting? Well without further information please watch the rest of the video above. For more story about Nikicio and its “Coffee Session”, feel free to visit their official site or watch the video below.

Nina Nikicio is the founder and CEO of Nikicio, a Jakarta-based Ready-to-Wear fashion label. The brand is widely known as the beacon of cool in the local fashion scene, worn by celebrities and trendsetters alike. Nina is also the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl who loves blueberries. While the brand itself is created on May 2007 by then a 22-year-old Nina Nikicio, when she came back home to Indonesia. She always believe that local products should be able to compete with international ready to wear labels. There were no local ready to wear in sight back then, all designers are ventured in couture or wedding gowns. She challenged the common norm by creating a ready to wear label with an online based store, experting in free marketing by using social media, and casting her friends as models. On January 2013, Nikicio joined venture with The Goods Dept which increases her production capacity. Recently, Nina appointed a new creative director, Abraham Dewanggana, so she can focus on the company management. She never expected to lead a company, but a passion for great design and frustration with the lack of innovation in the local scene led her to build Nikicio. The brand currently manufactures all the clothes at several factories all around Indonesia and China. They outsource the best factories based on their capabilities and we visit the factories often.

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