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One of the most trustable digital media in order to get the latest news of technology in Asia, Tech in Asia just hours ago updated their site with a special news regarding the inside story behind the buyout of entertainment online media known as KapanLagi by Singaporean Company MediaCorp. According to them, it may have have been the largest digital media deal in the archipelago to date as Andi S. Boediman who is managing partner at Indonesian VC firm Ideosource told everything about the agreement. Direct quote from him, “Our role was actually like that of an investment banker. We helped persuade and mediate both sides of the deal, and the result is that we got a fee and now Ideosource also gets shareholder options in KapanLagi Network.” However, Andi S. Boediman did not disclose the details on investment rights by Ideosource, nor on the amount of shares his firm is currently entitled to, but he did say that the acquisition would not have gone through without Ideosource. Aside being the middle man between two companies, he also shared the story about his friendship with the co-founder of KapanLagi Network, Eka Wiharto, and how his helping the structure of the company and also roadmap for scalability. To read the entire story about his role in the agreement, feel free to visit the official site of Tech in Asia here.

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, better known as MediaCorp, is a group of commercial media companies in Singapore, with business interests in television and radio broadcasting, interactive media, and, to a lesser extent, print publishing, and filmmaking. Currently, MediaCorp runs seven television channels and thirteen radio channels, making it the largest media broadcaster and provider in Singapore, and the only terrestrial TV broadcaster in the city-state. It is wholly owned by Temasek Holdings, a government-owned investment arm. Before 12 February 2001, MediaCorp was formerly known as Television Singapore until December 30th 1963, Television Malaysia until August 8th 1965, Radio and Television Singapore until January 31st 1980, Singapore Broadcasting Corporation September 30th 1994, Television Corporation of Singapore, Radio Corporation of Singapore, and Singapore Television Twelve until February 11th 2001. Beyond Singapore, MediaCorp is an active regional player through co-productions in TV dramas and movies, magazines publishing, as well as Channel NewsAsia International, one of the first Asian-owned English news channels. Their strategic collaborations in the region include KapanLagi Network, an Indonesian digital native company with the largest lifestyle, news and entertainment media.

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