The Jakarta based film production house that established in 2008, Visinema Pictures once again updated their YouTube channel with an exclusive video featuring one of the producer from their latest film “Filosofi Kopi, Anggia Kharisma. Throughout the video, you could see how Anggia shares her passion in a cup of coffee and explains in detail about the original idea behind this film, what does she feels about working with Dewi Lestari, the collaboration between several young producers, artwork and design by local artist Farid Stevy, why she created El, to her hopes for the Indonesian audience. For those of you who are a fan of the “Filosofi Kopi”, the movie is now part of the Indonesian theaters as it showed first on April 9th 2015. For more information, you can simply visit their official site here or read the description below. For any other exclusive interview, you can also search and watch them right on our site by using the search button above.

The film “Filosofi Kopi” is produced by Visinema Pictures. It is not just a film that tells about the journey of someone’s life, but it will also opens new perspective about Indonesian coffee and its rich culture. Angga Dwimas Sasongko explained that people should able to find his or her identity through the medium of coffee, soon after they saw the movie. This film is produced by Glenn Fredly and Anggia Kharisma and played by Chicco Jerikho as Ben and Rio Dewanto as Jody. It tells the story of friendship, love, soul searching, and how to deal with the past through a cup of coffee. It is based on Ben and Jody, who build a coffee shop called Filosofi Kopi, later known as a leading coffee shop in Jakarta (popularly known because they support and provide the best coffee beans from Indonesia). The challenge to create the perfect coffee brought them on an adventure that is full of bitterness yet unforgettable.

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