Last year on November, the pop punk band based in Yogyakarta known as Endank Soekamti released their latest studio album entitled “Kolaborasoe”. This album is created independently and contains about 14 songs, part of their collaboration with various artists in Indonesia from non-mainstream band, newcomers, comedian, to to the biggest rock band in Indonesia such as Jarwo Syubidu, Kemal Palevi, Naif, Esnanas, Didi Kempot, Pongki Borata, Cherrybelle, GIGI, CJR, Pure Saturday, Dewa19, Tom Kill Jerry, and Slank. The word “Kolaborasoe” itself is taken from an abbreviation of “Kolaborasi Bersama Endank Soekamti” or simply translated as “Joint Collaboration with Endank Soekamti”. According to their vocalist and bassist, Erix stated that, “This album was made to appreciate the works of these musicians. For instant, you can listen to the newest arrangement of “Anyer, 10 Maret” by Slank or “Tak Akan Ada Cinta Yang lain” by Dewa19.” While the newcomers who joined in the support of “Kolaborasoe” such as Kemal Palevi, Tom Kill Jerry, and animated characters Jarwo Syubidu shared their unique vocal to be part of this album.

Album “Kolaborasoe” is now available across Indonesia but only produced by about 5.000 copies. The sixth album by Endank Soekamti is released under their own music record and house production called Euforia Records. With the price of IDR 300.000, the limited edition boxset of Kolaborasoe will include the original copy of CD audio Kolaborasoe, DVD rockumentary or behind the scene Kolaborasoe, Aku Kamtis animated book, certificate of ownership, t-Shirt, cincin akik with the word Soekamti, plus additional name and serial number of the buyer. Quite a good deal do not you think? Well if you do not, you can still purchase the book Aku Kamtis separately for IDR 50.000 plus download the digital content for free. While the DVD rockumentary or behind the scene Kolaborasoe is now available on streaming site for free as they present it via their official YouTube channel. For more information about Endank Soekamti and their latest album “Kolaborasoe”, feel free to visit their official page via several links above.

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