Although he has a successful career spanning for over than a decade, Director Rudi Soedjarwo says that he feels like he is starting from zero with his latest two films, “Stay With Me” and “1000 Algojo”. As for the first title that he mentioned, it is not inspired by the phenomenal song by the British singer known as Sam Smith nor will become of part of its virtual campaign in Indonesia. However it will be a new and latest of Indonesian drama movie created by Rudi Soedjarwo that is played by a popular presented Boy William. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, he is previously part of several Indonesian horror movies such as “Rumah Gurita” and “Tarot”. According to Boy, he is trying to carry out a more serious image or role by taking part of this family drama. Furthermore, “Stay With Me” is a drama about married life, simply inspired by the true story about life of a couple in a marriage. Because of an incident that went through his life and ruined the harmony of his marriage, the husband, played by Boy William, must tried to become a better person and fix his relationship the beautiful wife played by Ully Triani. The film “Stay With Me” is part of Integrated Film Solution and will be available first at theaters across Indonesia.

Formed by Indonesian Director Rudi Soedjarwo, Rumah Terindah is the only Pusdiklat FILM (Pusat Pendidikan Kilat bikin FILM) where the prospective and potential filmmakers in Indonesia are being educated and having the most effective way to be ready as a professional and work in the field of entertainment or film industry in Indonesia or the world of cinema. According to its official site, Rumah Terindah has 112 new faces, nurtured under the guidance of Rudi Soedjarwo and its entire film crew. They have produced three films with three different film genres and ready to appear on the big screen by 2014. Their goal is to provide something that is difficult to obtain in the film industry, namely the opportunity. The opportunity to work and create their own opportunities for work. Not only they will gained knowledge from several professionals, they would also give an appreciation to the official member of Rumah Terindah, such as by showing their name through credit titles, showreel, and all of the things that are related to their work field. For more information about Rumah Terindah and Rudi Soedjarwo, feel free to visit their site here.

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