The twenty-four hour business news channel in Indonesia, owned by Idea Karya Indonesia, known as Bloomberg TV Indonesia recently presented their exclusive interview with Andrea Loubier the CEO of MailBird for their latest section of TechNow. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the service, it is the all-in-one communication platform for email, contacts, calendar, apps, task management, and video meetings designed for Windows users. The Ohio born Filipino-American woman is here to talk to the latest features by the MailBird and how to save your time while surfing the internet. Old problems like having information overload, how to communicate easily with clients, and to found your old email could be done easily with this service. Along with those problems, she also explained why the company is rooting for the Windows based computer, the future plans for upcoming Windows 10 Final Edition, and their latest collaboration with Denmark based mail company called MiBox. Along with her own commentary, there is also few words about the service by the back-end engineer named Abraham Renaldo. For more information feel free to visit their official site at

Mailbird is a desktop email client for Windows 7, 8 and 10, inspired by the Sparrow email client for OS X. The first version of the Mailbird email software program was created in January 2012 by Danish Co-Founders and serial entrepreneurs Michael Olsen and Michael Bodekaer. The main reason for creating Mailbird came from their frustration with other current email clients like Postbox and Thunderbird, which were too slow and had a cluttered non-intuitive user interface in their view. Bodekaer and Olsen wanted to innovate the email experience, and create a better email software program which would address these challenges in other email clients. After receiving very positive feedback and pre-beta signups, they decided to found the company under the name of Mailbird and assemble a team in February and March 2012. Later it was awarded as Best Windows Email Software Program in 2015 and 2014 by IT World. Earlier in 2013 also by PC World and the email software program differentiates itself from other email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook and Windows Live Mail especially by having a simple design, focusing on speed and offering a platform for email productivity, by allowing other developers to develop applications for the Mailbird open-source app community and platform. The company headquarters is based in the Livit Tech Startup Ecosystem in Bali, Indonesia. In March 2015, Mailbird launched version 2.0, with new features such as Email Snooze, Video Meetings and Speed Reader, and also added integrations for Facebook, WhatsApp, Veeting Rooms and more.

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