Pocari Sweat Indonesia KejarBiru

Pocari Sweat, the Japanese sports drink owned by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, has kicked start its newest project and a slew of PR stunts in Indonesia with its first interactive Instagram series called “KejarBiru”. This mini series is produced by renowned Indonesian filmmaker known as Joko Anwar and directed by an architecture graduate Sammaria Simanjuntak who is previously known for her movies Demi Ucok, Cin(T)a, 7 Deadly Kisses, Working Girls, and many more. Claimed to be the first of its own, the series will be displayed only through Pocari Sweat Indonesia Instagram account during the month of Ramadan with the main plot of someone who has run as his or her hobby but facing several problems on this holy month on Ramadan. In addition to the unique presence of the story, Pocari Sweat Indonesia will also send out a variety of fun and interesting gifts for you who participate. For more information about “KejarBiru” interactive series, you can follow their Pocari Sweat Indonesia Instagram official account here.

Pocari Sweat is a Japanese soft drink and sports drink, manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd. It was launched in 1980, and is now also available in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The reference to sweat in the name of the beverage tends to have a certain off-putting or humorous connotation for native English speakers. However, the name was chosen by the manufacturers originally for the purpose of marketing the product as a sports drink in Japan where English words are used differently. It was largely derived from the notion of what it is intended to supply to the drinker: all of the nutrients and electrolytes lost when sweating. The first part of the name, Pocari, does not have any meaning. The word was coined for its light, bright sound. Pocari Sweat has a mild-tasting, relatively light, non-carbonated sweet beverage and is advertised as an “ion supply drink”. It has a mild grapefruit flavor with little aftertaste. Ingredients listed are water, sugar, citric acid, trisodium citrate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium lactate, magnesium carbonate, and flavoring.

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