It has been exactly twenty years since the solo pop singer Glenn Fredly started to work in the world of music in Indonesia. His work is still flowing either in music or any kind of artwork. For those of you who still do not know the manly figure of him, let’s have a flashback moment to share a short story about Glenn’s early career. Glenn Fredly started his music career when he became the lead singer of Funk Section. A year after he graduated from high school in 1994, Funk Section launched an exclusive album that was nicely packaged. Three years later, Glenn became a solo artist and launched his first album titled GLENN that contained of eight pop songs. In this album there are three songs are often sung by Glenn, such as “Kau”, “Cukup Sudah”, and “Mobil Mama” which is quite a big song in Malaysia.

His second album was launched in 2000 with the title “Kembali”. In this album there are several hit singles, such as “Salam Bagi Sahabat” and “Kasih Putih”. Like his first album, this one still produced by major record company known as Sony Music Indonesia with producer Aminoto Kosin. This album also suffer the same fate as previous albums, although it is quite well known, but Glenn’s second album major label yet have not meet his wishes, both in terms of popularity and sales. But things went really well, when Glenn Fredly launched his third album titled “Selamat Pagi, Dunia!” There were lot of hit singles that emerge from this album, and the most popular among Indonesian was a song called “Januari”. During Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2001, Glenn won the award in the category of Best Song and Best Male Singer of R&B music category.

Later in 2005, Glenn Fredly was offered to make another album, part of the official soundtrack of Indonesian film called Cinta Silver. One year later, he issued another album as a tribute and respect to the older musicians, titled “Aku dan Wanita”. In the same year, he also launched his seventh album with the title “Terang”, and it was part of his Christmas moment. In 2007, he re-issued his old album “Happy Sunday” as a vehicle to emit a new spirit of global look on life through the medium of music. Shortly after becoming producer for film “Cahaya dari Timur-Beta Maluku”, Glenn Fredly also produced another Indonesian film called “Filosofi Kopi” and is preparing for his newest film “Surat Dari Praha” as part of his twenty years of retrospective. Not only movies, Glenn also worked with several young writers in order to make a compilation of short stories that compiled into a book under a theme of 20. The book is written by 12 authors and each contains story with description from his music track.

This year, Glenn Fredly decided to hold a tour to twenty cities in Indonesia which will begin on May until October 2015. On this occasion, he will introduce his latest single called “Perempuanku”. While the new album is scheduled to be released on late August 2015. According to him, this single is dedicated to all the women in world in today’s global era who have an important role in several sectors. Women are one of the symbols of modernization and standard quality of life. This single depicts the meaning of feminism within personal opinion by Glenn Fredly. With the feel of urban pop, this certainly makes him like having a new world in music, as in exploration becomes so important for a musician. You could also sing along with his smooth voice right now as watch the official video lyric of “Perempuanku” above, presented by Musik Bagus Indonesia.

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