The popular male pop and R&B singer-songwriter born in Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia known as Glenn Fredly and his partner Angga Dwimas Sasongko recently presented a video that showcase behind the scene clip from their upcoming project called “Surat Dari Praha”. For your quick information, this project is part of Glenn Fredly’s twentieth anniversary and his contribution to the world of entertainment, especially local music industry and film production. Furthermore, this film will be produced by Visinema Pictures and Tinggikan Production while the production process will be in Praha and Jakarta. According to Anggia Kharisma who is the Executive Produser of Visinema Pictures, she explained, “the city of Praha in Czech Republic truly represents the rich musicality of Glenn Fredly.” Along with those fact, the film “Surat Dari Praha” will also features two Indonesian actors, Tio Pakusadewo and Julie Estelle. According to Glenn, both of the actors have a rich musical capability inside of them plus they have a strong will to sing in front of the mic. While Julie herself explained that she is willing to get out of her comfort zone and portray a new character which is very different from her previous films. For more information about the upcoming film “Surat Dari Praha”, feel free to follow the official site and Instagram account of Glenn Fredly and Visinema Pictures.

Before the announcement of “Surat Dari Praha” by Visinema Pictures and Tinggikan Production, Glenn Fredly presented a book produced by Entermedia and PT. Yamaha Musik Indonesia. It is written by twelve Indonesian writers plus contains thirteen love stories based on popular songs from his previous albums. According to him, “This is not a biography book as I would try something new for my 20 years anniversary in the entertainment world or local music industry in particular. I do love the world of literature and things that surrounded by it. When I had this idea to write this book, I need someone who can really transfer my ideas. Well finally I met Moammar Emka, who previously known for his amazing novel books. Later we know, this book is created by twelve popular writers. I am happy for that!” Those writers are Moammar Emka, Bernard Batu Bara, Anggun Prameswari, Gita Romadhona, Adimas Immanuel, Sefryana Khairil, Alexander Thian, Widya Oktavia, Jie Effendie, Kireina Enno, Robin Wijaya, and Mita M Supardi. He further explained about his book, “It is my dream to be working with people who have a different world”. Although the writers did not copy the original story of every songs, Glenn Fredly is reportedly satisfied and deeply amazed by the results of the authors. For those of you who are willing to purchase the novel book “Glenn Fredly 20”, it is available now at your favorite bookstore with retail price of IDR 49.500.

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