Known for his creative vision for several brands, including a partnership with one of the best local sites that serves a selection of outfit of the day in Indonesia known as OOTDINDO just months ago, Angga Dwi Cahyo or better known as Angga Gadutism recently updated his YouTube channel with a lookbook video called シャカルタ Fakeless City featuring fashion blogger Chrisnawati Novia. This one minute video is deliberately created by both of them to showcase on how to dress appropriately on streetwear style which is now being favored by lots of women in Indonesia. Along with those fact, the video also featured melodic sounds and slow-motion graphic that showcase the everyday style or fashionable outfits of Chrisnawati Novia. For more information about the Angga Gadutism, feel free to visit his official site via the link above or read the additional words below. Be ready for the new chapter of Indonesian street style era!

Chrisnawati Novia Puspitasari or better known as Sari is a fashion blogger who graduated as a fashion designer from Lasalle College International Jakarta. Her work-life is now turning into a different path with fashion. For her, become a blogger is a blessing, which she could not imagine. She is a Sagittarius, dreamer and cat lover. November is always gonna be her favorite thing all the time. Aside from those facts, she established her passion back in May 2013. She never thought that this blog could ever had its readers. Aside being a beauty inspired blog, her website is also a journal, especially for her daily outfits, daily inspirations, or what ever she likes to write. It can be beauty product reviews, foodporns, songs, or her travel experiences. For more information about Chrisnawati Novia Puspitasari or Sari you can always visit her blog at

Angga Dwi Cahyo or Angga Dwi Cahyo is a freelance director or cinematographer with experience as a videographer, photographer, editor, colourist, and camera operator. He shoots fashion videos, promotional videos, prewedding videos, music videos, short films, and other venues clients need to promote or document their products, businesses or lives. He also does directing, editing and color grading. Combined with his passion for story telling through lighting, framing, movement and composition, Angga is always seeking new projects and inspiring individuals to collaborate with. He is currently based in Jakarta and Singapore and is always ready and excited to travel across the globe to film new and interesting projects! For more information about the Angga Gadutism and his latest artworks, feel free to visit his official site or simply follow his official Twitter or Instagram account. To keep in touch with him, you can send him an email.

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