Horror movie genre has always been in demand by Asian moviegoers. Although most of the films talked about mystical events that are very hard to understand, it seems the filmmakers are now trying to bring terror homeland in a new way. Similar to the Quantum film that is played by Feny Rose, this newly released “Badoet”, directed by Awi Suryadi, tries to offer a horror movie genre with a mysterious murder case as the main background or plot. This film also tries several elements, such as combining mystical things, logic, and the bitter experience of someone from his or her past. If you look at the official teaser trailer above, Awi as the director is able to present the dark natural horror during the two minutes clip. Slowly but surely, this trailer is capable of carrying the flow of the film to viewers into an exciting and thrilling experience. However, the figure and the red-nosed clown with orange hair somehow reminding us to the main character of It, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, a 1990 psychological horror drama miniseries based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. For those of you who are willing to see the entire film of “Badoet”, it is scheduled to be release across theaters in Indonesia on late August or late September 2015. The film features Daniel Topan, Christopher Nelwan, Ratu Felisha, Aurelie Moeremans, Tiara Westlike, Ronny P. Tjandra, and Marcel Chandrawinata. For more information, feel free to follow the official Twitter account of Awi Suryadi.

“Badoet” is produced by DT Film Indonesia which is a company that started with a dream. The main purpose of this company is to create movies that challenge and bring new and fresh ideas to the Indonesian film industry. They started the movie business since 2013 and currently planning on making seven movies in 2016. Helmed by two producers and family members, Daniel Topan who graduated from Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia and continued his studies in New York film academy with masters degree in film making plus Haresh Kemlani who grew up having a great passion for movies since he was in school and has been producing movies since the early 2000s. With all the extensive research, hard work and determination, they both strive to make and bring Indonesian cinema to the world. As for the film production, the company is currently producing an Indonesian horror film called “Badoet”, which is directed by talented Awi Suryadi, who previously known for his film Sumpah Pocong di Sekolah in 2008 and Street Society in 2014. This film features many talented actors and actresses such as Daniel Topan, Ratu Felisha, Christoffer Nelwan, Aurelie Moeremans, Tiara Westlake, Ronny Tjandra, and Marcel Chandrawinata. For more information about DT Film Indonesia, feel free to visit their official page.

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