In order to celebrate the Hari Raya or Eid al-Fitr, local film production houses such as MVP Pictures, Studio Denny JA, Dapur Film, Argi Film, and Mizan Productions are proud to announced their upcoming film called “Mencari Hilal”. This film is produced by Raam Punjabi, Hanung Bramantyo, Putut Widjanarko, and Salman Aristo with Ismail Basbeth taking charge of the director position. The film itself tells the story of an old man named Mahmud, played by Deddy Sutomo, who is someone who apply Islam commands in all aspects of his life. For years Mahmud preach to everyone in Indonesia and told them that Islam is the only solution of all the problems in life. Unfortunately, the positive spirit of Mahmud tarnished by the issue of corruption by the Ministry of Religion that costs him to doing the old tradition of finding hilal. During his spiritual journey, Mahmud is accompanied by his youngest son who is a rebel and environmental activists named Heli, played by actor Oka Antara. During the trip, reportedly they always exchange their opinions and give their honest review about how somebody should live their life and using religion as the pace of life. “Mencari Hilal” will be available across theaters in Indonesia starting on July 15th 2015 featuring Deddy Sutomo, Toro Margens, Eryhrina Baskoro, and Oka Antara. For more information, you can always follow the official Twitter account.

Mizan Productions is a production house that was built in 2008. In the beginning, Mizan Productions is just working on various television programs such as Khazanah Religi Nusantara in Metro TV, TV program for kids titled Asyiknya Ramadhan, Santrizone in Space Toon, as well as some home video to family. Working closely with Miles Films, Mizan Productions then produce the blockbuster film such as Laskar Pelangi in 2008 and Sang Pemimpi in 2009, adapted from the best-selling novel by Andrea Hirata with director Riri Riza. Laskar Pelangi itself won many achievements and awards both nationally and internationally and a record-breaking of being a box office record holder in Indonesia with more than 5 million viewers within less than four months. In 2009, Mizan Productions co-operated with SBO Films to produced Garuda di Dadaku which was directed by Ifa Isfansyah. In addition to their national and international awards, this film managed to enter the box office with the amount of 1.5 million viewers. During the two-year journey, Mizan Productions has produced five films, such as Laskar Pelangi by Riri Riza in 2008, Garuda di Dadaku by Ifa Isfansyah in 2009, Emak Ingin Naik Haji by Aditya Gumay 2009, Sang Pemimpi by Riri Riza in 2009, and 3 Hati Dua Dunia Satu Cinta by Benni Setiawan in 2010. What is great about them is that all of the films have won numerous awards at home and abroad. Making them an established young company that is very well known and respectable.

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