Wall Of Fades 2015

You may know that jeans are made by Jacob Davis at 1871 and patented by Levi Strauss and Davis 2 years after. The deep history of jeans have affected many of the cultures and sub-cultures around the world, from miners to cowboys, greaser to high fashion people nowadays. This year, the committee of Indonesia Denim Group or known as INDIGO captured the big pictures and decided to use the headline “Jeans Around The World” to brings the festivities at Wall of Fades 2015.

As in previous years, the main purpose of holding this event is to educate and create an exhibition which you can learn the values in a pair of jeans or denim, which is for them is more than just fashion and function. A pair of jeans has an interesting history values and sentimental unique value. In addition to those, they will hold a session of the entertainment in the form of musical events.

Besides those entertainment, the novelty of Wall of Fades 2015 this year could be the the existence of their friends from the food and beverages industry, such as Stockroom Dishes, Mamase and Easy Coco. While for the fashion and lifestyle market segment, this time the committee decided to re-strengthen its identity as an event that is always filled by various local independent brands, especially menswear labels that have unique character like Elhaus, VOYEJ, Aye Denim, Oldblue Co, Bluesville and many more. For those who would like to come feel free to visit because it is free of charge. For more information, you could simply click all of those links above.

Wall Of Fades 2015 “Jeans Around The World”.
4th – 6th December 2015.
Kuningan City,

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