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To coincide with most recent biggest denim exhibition in South East Asia, Wall of Fades, Jakarta based clothing brand Kyotosix has collaborated with Jakarta’s denim brand Carnivores Soul on an exclusive T-shirt. Continuing to mold the lines between carnivore beasts and iconic Japanese culture, they tried to capture the main idea and philosophy. In this collaboration project they presents Ryoku, which a Japanese word for “Power” and then visualized it in a form of three mythical beasts from Japan.

The first t-shirt is Gekido which means Fury. Represented as Honshu Wolf, a ferocious carnivores that protect Japanese mountain, they visualize the anger and power of Honshu Wolf in this white t-shirt. The second one is Saikyo which means Powerful. It represented as Tiger, a heritage symbol of power for Japanese people. They visualize the power of Tiger on indigo medium to represent a super deep and strong energy for everyone to be superior human.

The last one is Kashikoi which means Wise. They both know that Dragon is a well-known symbol of wisdom in Japan. So they want to visualize the wisdom and power of the Dragon on black medium to represent a bold but wise force of Dragon. Crafted for carnivores soul inside everyone, to make everyone more tenacious, rugged, and wise. These t-shirt collections is available at Carnivores Soul booth at Wall of Fades 2015.

Carnivores Soul x Kyotosix presents Ultimate T-shirt Collections “Ryoku” to be Available at Wall of Fades 2015
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