The month that most Muslims have been waiting for is finally here. In this holy month, we usually set aims and targets to be a better person as we strive to complete our Ramadhan days. With the extraordinary development of technologies nowadays, it is a lot easier for us to achieve those targets by, for instance, using on-the-go applications in our gadgets.

Here’s a list of top five applications that may support your on-going Ramadhan days:

1. Muslim Pro

(download on iOs / Android)

This application is a lot useful if you do not want to miss any prayer times. You may set alarms and even check where the Qibla is from your current position. The Quran is available in the form of Surah with Romanization and translation to English or Bahasa Indonesia. During the holy month of Ramadhan, the app also adds more features which include fasting times for Ramadhan, tracking a Mosque nearby, calculating Zakat up to sending Ramadhan cards.

2. MyQuran

(download on iOs / Android)

If you’re planning to enhance your religious activities by reading Quran but thinks it’s too much of a bother to bring it everywhere with you, this app is the answer. With MyQuran, you can fill your spare time reading Quran conveniently provided in your screen, armed with simple design, font and supporting Romanization/translations.

3. Quick Mosque

(download on Android)

Do you have a lot of outdoor activities that make you worry about not finding a place to complete your prayers? Quick Mosque might be suitable for you as it will hep you search for a mosque near your current location. The app is integrated with your phone navigation, so with a simple click, it’ll lead you to the most nearby mosque.

4. Ramadhan Duas

(download on iOs / Android)

Reading Quran may also be efficient using this app, especially during the holy month. Ramadhan Duas provides selections of prayers and tasbeeh, most of them related to the month of Ramadhan. It is also completed with English/Indonesian Romanization and translations.

5. Good Habits

(download on iOs / Android)

A little bit different with the other apps that have been mentioned, Good Habits is an app that helps you achieve targets you want to set for this holy month. Say you want to do prayers regularly and on time, you may simply add that into your habit list and decide the reminder schedule. The app will track how many days you have been completing the habits and even display the highest streak you have achieved.

Which app do you need most or like best? As they are all available in iOS and Androids, simply check the store to get them and make your Ramadhan days even better.

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