Back in 2006 when they were first formed, they called themselves Alphalpha, inspired by a character in ‘Little Rascals’ – Alfalfa. They started as an acoustic – electric guitar duo in order to create a semi-ambient storytelling music and to sing with whimsical lyrics.

Now they are known as L’Alphalpha, armed with 6 members Herald Reynaldo (vocals, guitars), Yudishtira Mahendra (Bass, various toys), Tercitra Winitya (Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer), Ildo Reynardian (Drums, Guitar), Byatriasa Ega (Vocals,Piano) and Purusha Irma (Violin). The band’s musical influences varied to various genres including Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Post-Rock and Shoegaze.

After years of exploration, L’Alphalpa finally managed to launch their first debut album entitled “When We Awake, All Dreams Are Gone”. This album marks the start of their journey as they started receiving recognitions and world-wide tour offers, which then later was topped with the success of their second album “Von Stufe Zu Stufe” (2013).

Tarian” is one of the songs included in “Von Stufe Zu Stufe”, a single hit itself. It tells a story about belief – that everything will get better; that it will only be better. The song is created to express emotions in any kind of form including happiness, sadness, rage or pain – in order to be in a constant state of peacefulness.

L’Alphalpha is currently trying to improve on their skills and teamwork by getting a hold on their practice schedules before deciding whether or not they will release newest album or singles in a short period of time.

#NEIGHBOURTUNES: Post-Rock Band Offering Ambiance - "L'Alphalpha"
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