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Despite the growing number of leather products emerging in the local scene, Daiva emerges with a premise as a revolutionary local brand which has an optimistic perspective towards leather craftsmanship. Based on the owner’s love of leather goods, Daiva emphasizes in the making of simple yet functional leather products for people with different needs and interests, as a way to cover all of Indonesia’s local diversity.

Each product has indeed an unpretentious design and got its own specification and precise function. Daiva’s debut collection features four leather goods that would put your daily essentials in place. There’s Sociatee as a unisex organizer pouch for daily belongings, Nots, a phone wallet with an extra space for your business cards and other essentials, OWN, stands for Ordinary Women Needs, which is dedicated to organizing women’s daily kit, and lastly Voch, a carry-on pouch specifically made for Vapor enthusiast who needs to pimp out their vapor kits. For more information on this newly established, Surabaya based brand, visit their account here.

Daiva Leather Emphasizes Simplicity and Functionality
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