After a relatively lengthy hiatus, it is so good to be able to comeback. Music has always been an integral part of our lives, hence to once again enliven your daily activities, we resurrect the #NEIGHBOURTUNES to share our playlist of the week. We begin this week by taking it slow and easy with #NEIGHBOURTUNES Vol. 19 by one of the #NEIGHBOURTEAM members, @bittersweetlin. The gradation of Jakarta’s recent sky calibrates this dream-like feeling everytime we see it. The twilight hues of orange, blue, and pink creates this romantic-melancholic spectrum, which is portrayed through visual interpretation of phosphene of the artworks. It begins with a spellbinding instrumental from Sunbeam Sound Machine and reaches an ending with The Bilinda Butcher’s cinematic tune.

#NEIGHBOURTUNES Vol. 19: What We Are Listening To This Week
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