KEUKEN is a one-day food festival addressing the issues of city public spaces utilizations with wisdom of street-inspired culture. Along with the burgeoning notions, they also enhance the festivity with a special event called Surprise Stove. This event was held to introduce the concept of KEUKEN. For this year alone, Surprise Stove has been held twice through Pasar Seni ITB and around UNKL347 store. Along with those events, lists of professional cooks and chefs, music performers and DJs, and engaged communities will come and gladly invite for collaboration.

KEUKENBDG combines the words “Keuken” (Dutch translation for the word kitchen, used in reference to Indonesia’s history as a former Dutch colony) and “BDG” (abbreviation for Bandung as a region in Indonesia). This project aims to reclaim public spaces for short periods of time, thereby allowing the local community to congregate in a shared environment for a fundamental cause, which is food. This is especially invigorating because it brings together different facets and segments of society, from government, business, educators, and the general public for a food event that rewrites preconceived notions of the chosen public space.

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