Few months after runs the successful event, art and design collective house that focus in the practice of environment regeneration known as House The House is proudly to present you the official after movie for KEUKEN No.5 “The City Hall Fairground”. The three and a half minutes video brings you a closer look at the elaborated festival of food and culture. The fifth installment of KEUKEN wishes to spread wide the ideas of how diversity could be unified and educated simply with food. Layering ways of life and popular subculture, information on nutrition, to discursive rural and urban issues. This latest installment from the Bandung based group also showcase eateries with thematically-curated food stalls in their main event to be conjoined with KEUKEN’s special features. For more information, please check out their official website at keukenbdg.com or watch the whole video above. Video shoot and edit by Sèéds Motion and supported by The Kotak, Dua Belibis, Kecap Bango, Ultra Milk, Sixteen Denim Scale, Bank BNI, Sony, NIION, Unkl347, Nanno, Agritektur, Selaras Guest House and Resto, Open Table, Sushi Tei, Pepper Lunch, Bakerzin, Butcher’s Bill, Loobie Lobster, Rocca, Umabo, Potatoo Temporary Tattoo, and Bandung Food Truck.

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