The largest denim exhibition in Southeast Asia is the most interesting event we went to this year. If there’s one fashion events that never disappoints is, it must be Wall of Fades. The largest denim exhibition in Indonesia where many leading brands of Indonesia’s denim and independent street-wear designers shows their best and latest collections. Here, we catch up with the likes of Bluesville, VOYEJ, AYE! Denim, Oldblue Co, and many more about their thoughts on this year Wall of Fades. Their latest designs and what they think you should do in an event like this. This is simply a presentation from QUBtv and NEIGHBOURLIST.

World War turned out to provide a legacy of its own in the world of fashion, especially denim jeans. When the World War 2 occurred in 1944, the US government made a rule that all clothing company should reduce the use of metals, materials, and thread in their garment for the sake of the war effort in the future. Because the regulations set forth below, one of the most influential brand in the world Levi Strauss and Co. transform and simplify the details of their pants like changing raw material of rivets that were previously made of metal into a cooper, replaced the Levi’s emblem in the back pocket that had been made of stitching into painted arc, and more.

Then comes the new Levi’s jeans in 1944 as the result of the simplification that has been mentioned. These pants provide valuable value as well as some exciting new details for the public and its community. Those 1944 jeans also leave a great impact and strong history in the world of denim and definitely become a “legacy” that is valuable from the World War 2.

The above paragraph is quite a picture of a scenic background theme for the recent Wall of Fades 2014 which was be held in Kuningan City, Jakarta on December 5th, 6th and 7th 2014. This year alone, the committee decided to used the headline “The Blue Legacy”. As in previous years, the main purpose of holding this event is to educate and create an exhibition which you can learn the values in a pair of jeans or denim, which is for them is more than just fashion and function. A pair of jeans has an interesting history values and sentimental unique value. In addition to those, they will hold a session of the entertainment in the form of musical events.

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