From the creator of digital television network over at QUBtv, Eric Liem and Tasya P Maulana recently uploaded their latest work for “Space, Interrupted” program featuring two musicians and duo from local independent band known as Kimo Rizky and Kallula Harsynta Esterlita. Better known as Kimokal, they are boldly staking out from a different depth of music scene in Indonesia and transcends any notions of genre, drawing from psychedelic, nu-wave, dub, electronic, nu-disco, ballad and pop but refusing to be attributed to one particular tag whilst conveying an impressive collage of electronic textures simultaneously. Although Kallula’s music and vocal background is rooted to pop, ballad and a touch of shoe gaze with a sense of self-possessed and nonchalant lyrics, the influences of Kimo can be pinpointed to the heights of the sixties and seventies eras. While in this exclusive video, they will performed their latest hit single called “Adiamo” right inside a hotel room at third floor of Artotel in Thamrin Central Jakarta. The room filled with a black and white artwork by Zaky Arifin. Their looks perfectly blend with the room, and their music creates the perfect ambiance for it. If you want to know more about them and their electro nu wave sounds under Kimokal, please watch the entire exclusive video featuring Kimo Rizky and Kallula Harsynta Esterlita above.

QUBtv is an online television network produces short-form videos, available for free via their website at The website is created by the founder, Eric, a graduate of Visual Communication Design from Pelita Harapan University who dreams that the site will be the movement that can blur the line between cultures in Indonesia that can cross the borders, genres and generations. Along with program director, Tasya P Maulana, who obsessed for pop culture started early in his childhood days and eager to explore as much popular culture as he can, they spans topics such as cutting-edge entertainment, culture, interview, lifestyle, and everything in between. They believes that good information can be entertaining, delivered in short time and easy to digest. For your information, “Space, Interrupted” program features musicians playing at unusual places. The aim is to offer an alternatives point of view for audiences to enjoy intimate music show apart from conservative TV shows, and also to documenting the local music scene. For more information and artists that have been performing in this show, please visit the official site of QUBtv. For more names behind the creative industry, local business, and communities you can also follow their official Twitter account or Instagram page.

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