Themilo started off as a secondary project of Ajie Gergaji who was, back then in 1996, filling space as a guitarist in a band called Cherry Bombshell. As time passed by, Ajie decided to quit the band and focused more on Themilo, which brought him to what they are now.

With a total of four albums within their discography, Themilo has managed to climb over the interest of indie music listeners as they aim to create music creatively despite the limitation. The band who came from Bandung, Indonesia has proven their captivating creativity through each one of the songs included in Let Me Begin (2003); Let Me Begin – Repackaged (2003); Interpretation: Themilo Remixes; and Photograph (2011).

Despite having Shoegaze-Pop as their main genre, Themilo plays a lot in Post-Rock scenes, allowing themselves to explore the limitation of creativity as what they wanted to achieve in the first place. Themilo believes that they will always be a work in process without any boundaries, an unstoppable contemplation, and an endless contradiction of ideas. They aim to remain exist and to develop one step at a time until time actually stops them to become creative. Have never heard of their music before? Take a peek on their official website here and tell us what you think.

#NEIGHBOURTUNES: Uprising Shoegaze-Pop Band ‘Themilo’
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