In the last six years, he had produced three English albums and this year singer-songwriter Fifan Christa–professionally known as Atlesta experimented and produced his first Indonesian single, ‘Pesona’. A challenge for himself, the choice of words for the lyrics were the most time-consuming process during the production. The serious tone about social media addiction also made him reform the overall treatment of the song to be tougher with Progressive Rock influence.


His new approach also can be seen through the artwork of this single. Ditching the simplistic theme like his previous artwork, the vivid ‘Pesona’ artwork is filled with several pop culture references. Under the Pops You Good Records, the song is mixed and mastered by Wendi Arintyo and the artwork is sketched by illustrator Noviar Rahmat. Listen to the songs on multiple streaming platforms.

Atlesta Drops His First Indonesian Single, A New Sound Titled 'Pesona'
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