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One of this week’s top indie band discoveries is a Malang-based shoegaze band, Intenna. That feeling when you’ve been too lazy to develop your music taste but you just happen to come across a gem by accident on Instagram. It is like entering an air conditioned room after spending the entire day outside in smoldering heat.

The band consists of Ovan Zaihnudin and Dwianto (guitar), Puguk Haidi (bass), Henry Setyawan (drums) and Omink (vocal). Two years ago, they released their album ‘Helter Skelter’. The two words have various meanings ranging from an amusement park ride from a The Beatles’ song to Charles Manson insane belief that black people would kill white people except maybe his own family. But for me personally, I would refer to Helter Skelter as a state of disorder and confusion.

In my opinion, one of the highlights of the album is ‘Memar’. It gives me a feeling of descension into the innermost part of myself, a sunken feeling in my gut. It also somehow gives my head a bit of a pleasant buzz as if it could expand my consciousness. The vocals are incoherent yet angelic. Sometimes what matters is how the music makes you feel rather than what the lyrics actually are. This is an understanding that applies to people who listen to music in a foreign language.

Give ‘Memar’ a listen on their spotify below and check out their website here. Also, keep yourself updated on their Instagram because they are releasing their new EP ‘Flaw’. Karmalonia did the artwork for it. They said it is coming very soon.

Shoegazing to ‘Helter Skelter’ with Intenna
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