One of the biggest band in Indonesia, Nidji and their recording company recently uploaded the official video lyric for their latest single known as “Takut Bilang Tidak”. The song which part of the original soundtrack of local movie “Supernova” was published on December 12th 2014 and distributed by their record label Musica Studio. Along with those fact, the main soundtrack which part of an adaptation of a novel by Dewi Lestari with the same title also has an unique lyric and in accordance with one of the parts of the story from the movie (about someone who is stuck in a game of love because he or she has no power to resist the temptations that exist). The music itself is pretty cool and really fit with the feel of science fiction. The band Nidji consists of Giring Ganesha as vocalist, Andro as bass guitarist, Run-D as keyboard player, Rama as guitarist, Ariel as guitarist, and Adri as drummer. Without further ado please watch the official video above.

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