As the promotional efforts and viral campaign for its newest product, Hewlett-Packard Indonesia or HP Indonesia recently took the initiative to launch their global campaign #BendTheRules. The main objective of this campaign is to promote HP products as the perfect solution for upcoming technology users or something that they would call segments to the millennial generation. Based on their idea, the millennial generation is young people who dare to take risks and different ways to success. These people are teenager who are trying to achieve success by using the power of technology. They are trying to be productive with the creative spirit.

Through the official website of Hewlett-Packard Indonesia and its Bend The Rules, you would able to see many examples of creative young people who succeed thanks to the greater technology. For its Indonesian market, HP took pop male singers Tulus who already spawned through his two solo albums and popular amongst the youth community through his single such as “Sepatu”, “Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya”, and “Gajah”. Furthermore, the singer-songwriter also explained that he actually also has an educational background in architecture. “But, my interest towards music makes me realize that I have to pursue this field professionally.” The man who born in Bukittinggi, August 20th 1987 also admitted that the role of technology is very important to his musical career.

Several of Hewlett-Packard latest products that are available in Indonesia is here to support the working environment of its users who tend to #BendTheRules. One of the many items is the HP Pavilion x360 and x2. For example, these products are combination of productivity and entertainment under one device. Meanwhile, their HP Stream provides a solution for users who want to be free from the hassle, with the availability of devices and applications officially licensed with Windows 8.1 and Office 365 at once.

Subin Joseph who is the President Director of Hewlett-Packard Indonesia also mentioned that for the promotion and marketing for its HP Pavilion x360, they will truly focus on social media because he believe that young people are already familiar with social phenomenon. In order to buy their upcoming notebook, they will look at their idols, what are they using, what do they support, and how to interact with them. Furthermore, the official video campaign of #BendTheRules featuring Tulus is here and available above. For more information please visit this link.

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