The talented Bandung based singer named Muhammad Tulus or usually known simply as Tulus recently performed at Music Matters 2015 Festival in Singapore, a music festival that spanned four days from May 19th to 22th in the Merlion of The Lion City. Through the festival, the man who won the Best New Artist award in Anugerah Planet Muzik 2014 sang lot of his latest singles, mostly from his second album “Gajah”. The album itself was created to be more of a positive spirit. Personally, he thinks that an album is where each and every song is a work which needs a shelf to place and keep it. Almost all of the songs is written by him even though he admitted that he lacked of music background. Thankfully, his producer Ari Renaldi was there to help him with the music arrangement. As for the Music Matters 2015 Festival in Singapore, he went to several gigs and introduce his colorful music to the residents of Southeast Asia or Asia in general. For those of you who can not watch his performance in Singapore, recently his official YouTube channel uploaded a video of his journey to Music Matters 2015 Festival. This video is created by Nady Azhry and Adhnyni Dewi with help from Nady Azhry as the video editor. For more information about Tulus and his upcoming album, please visit his official Twitter account or read the additional description below.

According to several news outlet in Singapore, currently, Tulus has no plans for a new album yet. However, he did spent some time working in the studio with some of his ideas in case these ideas can be included in his new album in the future. When asked if he was given any chance to collaborate with any artist, he shared that he would love to collaborate with Waldjinah, one of the living legends in Indonesia. We could sense his excitement as he shared that Waldjinah collaborated with Chrisye, whom he is a big fan of too. He thinks that it will be great to be able get a chance to perform with her. As for his current inspiration, the man who nominated as the Best Album of 2014 by Rolling Stone Indonesia recently shared about his music playlist and mentioned that he is open to all types of music but currently he listens to Valerie Jun, Mark Ronson, Indra Lesmana, and British rock band Coldplay. Adding on, he also listens to songs from Japan. Aside having a music career, he also started a music company with his brother called Tulus Co whereas Tulus and his brother act as the executive producer. According to him, through this music business he learned so much about music production and about the industry. For more information about Tulus and his upcoming album, please visit his official Twitter account.

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