After previously presented the first official soundtrack for the film, Visinema Pictures recently uploaded another music video for “Filosofi dan Logika” by Glenn Fredly featuring pop female singer Monita and Muhammad Istiqomah Djamad or better known as Is of Payung Teduh. Angga Dwimas Sasongko and the entire creative team for the film “Filosofi Kopi” created this lyric video to explain the meaning of the words written in the track. Glenn Fredly who is the music director for the film also accompanied by the beautiful voice of Monita and vocalist of Paying Teduh to visualize their artwork. The song “Filosofi dan Logika” has also been named as the second official soundtrack released by Visinema Pictures. Even this song has reportedly released around several radios in Indonesia to support and promote the actual film “Filosofi Kopi”. For those of you who are a fan of the “Filosofi Kopi”, the movie will is now aired across Indonesia through your local theaters. For more information, you can simply visit their official site here or read the description below.

The film “Filosofi Kopi” is produced by Visinema Pictures. It is not just a film that tells about the journey of someone’s life, but it will also opens new perspective about Indonesian coffee and its rich culture. Angga Dwimas Sasongko explained that people should able to find his or her identity through the medium of coffee, soon after they saw the movie. This film is produced by Glenn Fredly and Anggia Kharisma and played by Chicco Jerikho as Ben and Rio Dewanto as Jody. It tells the story of friendship, love, soul searching, and how to deal with the past through a cup of coffee. It is based on Ben and Jody, who build a coffee shop called Filosofi Kopi, later known as a leading coffee shop in Jakarta (popularly known because they support and provide the best coffee beans from Indonesia). The challenge to create the perfect coffee brought them on an adventure that is full of bitterness yet unforgettable.

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