After previously released the official lyric video, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia as their main partner in recording label and distributor finally uploaded the official music video for “Tak Bisa Menunggu” by Soulvibe. The newest single from soul pop band based in Jakarta is part of their new exploration in music along with the development of their musicality and personal talents. For your information, they produced their own singles which will be exist in their upcoming fourth album along with Mr. Rayendra Sunito who was asked to become the head producer for this song. They also formulate the basic concepts of music of their band with the things they have never done before, such as mixing dance music, funk, soul 80s or 90s based with modern instruments and bind it into a pop song with a catchy vocal tone. As a total dedication, they also bring the visual side by sharing the urban fashion pop culture as their new look. For more information about the Soulvibe and their upcoming fourth album, feel free to visit the official site by click one of the link above. You could also visit the official site of Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia here for the latest information.

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