Earlier this week, The Zine and Chapter6 Pte Ltd are proud to present the official music soundtrack and music video for Jakarta Undead the Movie called “Masa Kecilku” by Payung Teduh. The folk pop band that formed in 2007 given the opportunity to bring a piece of music from the album “Momentum – 17th Years of Musical Journey” by Seno M Hardjo. The album can be regarded as a celebration of a musician, who was then holding the role as Executive Producer, Publicist, Marketing, Distributor, to as Lyricist. As for the song “Masa Kecilku”, it is written by renowned local musicians Dian Pramana Poetra with her mother, Sumiati Sutiko from the ever popular group vocal band known as Elfa’s Singer. Seno M Hardjo itself given the flexibility of rearrangement to Payung Teduh. Is, Comi and Ivan were grateful by this opportunity and hopefully Indonesian people would love the result. Payung Teduh now spawn consistent of quality work. They recently won two awards in 2012 for Best New Comer of the event ICEMA or Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards and also won best album for TEMPO Magazine. Their musicality was inspired by the golden era of the Indonesian music in the 60s and blend the aura of Jazz, Pop and traditional music Kroncong. Strangely, young Indonesian are so into it and could appreciate their song. As for the music video “Masa Kecilku”, it is produced by Adam Md Yusop using few images from the film.

Indonesia’s film Director Rico Michael set another astounding piece of visionary theatrical action thriller, with a story written by Singapore Horror Mastermind Adam MD Yusop. In the year 2017, the world has been ravaged by a viral plague that turns the recent dead into ZOMBIES. Z.E.U or Zombie Enforcement Unit a task force lead by Banner appoints Hajj, Z.E.U top zombie killer to meet with a Malaysian CDC representative. Hajj though have a different take on what happen to the world, to him this is the apocalypse and the zombies are demons from hell. This point of view creates conflicts in the ranks of his team as they head to Jakarta’s tallest building and restore satellite communication so they can track the undead movement and create a protected sanctuary. Will Hajj succumbs to his halucinations, or is there some other forces behind the rise of the undead? Jakarta Undead will come to all theaters in Indonesia in the upcoming 2016. For more information, feel free to visit the official site of Jakarta Undead or follow their official Facebook fan page account here.

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