Endah N Rhesa Darwin Festival 2015 Australia

The talented duo musician of husband and wife from South Tangerang, West Java with comprising acoustic guitar, bass, and vocal known as Endah N Rhesa few days ago updated their official YouTube channel with a behind the scene video for their recent trip to Darwin Festival 2015 on August 15th and 16th in Australia. According to their personal blog, they made a trip to Darwin because of the invitation handed by Andrew Ross, who personally knew them from the Indonesia Performing Arts Market Festival back in 2013. Mister Ross who is also in charge of the Artistic Director position of Darwin Festival 2015 believed that Endah N Rhesa could create something great for the audience. As for their performance, they went to three different stages, from the Bamboo Band Stage, The Lighthouse, to also perform spontaneously outside of their gig schedule at the Darwin Railway Club. This official behind the scene video is created by Rhesa Adityarama and Rendi Raditya while the photos are exclusively provided by Rendi Raditya. Endah N Rhesa performance in Darwin Festival 2015 is proudly supported by the Northern Territory Government through the FestivalsNT Initiative, Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia and Playking Foundation, and Commonwealth through the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Without further information, please watch the entire behind the scene video of their trip to Darwin Festival 2015 below.

Endah N Rhesa is a husband and wife duo from South Tangerang, West Java, comprising acoustic guitar, bass, and vocal. With the soothing voice of Endah and minimalist instrument, they tries to bring out many genres of music, such as ballads, jazz, blues, to the rock and roll. They love to explore any kind of music and bring out their references with their own style. In 2009, the first album “Nowhere to Go” was released by indie label Demajors and sold approximately 25.000 CDs and still growing. They achieved Rolling Stone Editor’s Choice Award as Rookie of the Year and AMI Awards for Best Alternative Album. In 2010, they released their second album “Look What We’ve Found” and third album “Escape” in 2013. They also contributed as music director on movie “Cita-citaku Setinggi Tanah” directed by Eugene Panji. Endah N Rhesa build their fanbase through social media or internet and awarded as a “Best Musician Successfully Build a Career from Social Media” by Salingsilang.com. They also build community, small coffee shop called Endah And Rhesa House which is more popularly known as “Ear House” near their home in Pamulang, South Tangerang, to support local scene and give chances for new talents to perform. For more information about Endah N Rhesa, feel free to visit their official site via several links above.

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