After previously being delayed, one of the leading groups at the center of a growing independent rock movement in Jakarta known as Polka Wars finally ready to come to the United States to start their recording session. This could happened due their participation in the recent Converse Rubber Tracks Jakarta competition. The band finally flew to New York City to spend a week in session at the Converse Rubber Tracks studios in Brooklyn. Planning to record only one song, they worked with veteran in-house engineer Aaron Bastinelli to knock out three entirely new tracks, from Obese Elves, Rangkum, and last but not least the Mokelé. “Normally we are lucky if we can get through a track in two months. It is incredible we have been able to get through three tracks in one week.” Bastinelli himself is very popular in the international music industry because he is the music producer who previously handled few big names in world music scene such as Bono, Marky Ramone, Mark Foster, and many other. To welcome this good news, the band consisting of Karaeng Adjie as guitarist and vocalist, Billy Salih on guitar, Giovanni Rahmadeva as drummer, and Xandega Tahajuansyah as bassist recently released their newest single and its official lyric video for “Mokelé”. The lyric video is created by two of the band members, such as Giovanni Rahmadeva and Xandega Tahajuansya, with post production handled by Xandega Tahajuansya and Adythia Utama. The entire graphics were taken in New York, United States during their stay for the recording session. Their newest single “Mokelé” is actually one of their main material taken from their debut album “Axis Mundi” which was released by Jakarta based recording company, Demajors Records. The song was chosen because of its lyric and music that could describe or represent the entire mood of their album. Without further information, please watch the entire lyric video of “Mokelé” by Polka Wars above.

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