Angela Nazar Mengingatmu Battle of Surabaya

Graduated from X Factor Netherlands, the talented singer Angela Noëlla Nazar or better known with the stage name of Angela Nazar has recently released a new single and an official music video that is part of the original soundtrack from the upcoming local movie called “Battle of Surabaya – The Adventure of Musa“. The single which is called “Mengingatmu” is created by Aryanto Yuniawan and Brama Sendi, while the music is composed by the guitarist and genius musician Tohpati. The song is about love that is universal. According to her, the power of this song lies in the lyric as she explained, “Actually the spotlight for this song is the emotion. I had to sing it with a full of appreciation because the music is really good and very powerful.” According to Aryanto Yuniawan, the process of getting Angela as a singer for this song were pretty long. Aryanto and his team have to find a singer who is really suited to sing this song. After being recommended by Trinity Optima Production, Angela Nazar then became the official singer to sing the official soundtrack of the film Battle of Surabaya. The Indonesian girl who is also taking classes in Nederlandase Pop Academie Performing Art is also included in the music video, which somehow incorporates with some of the scenes from the animated movie “Battle of Surabaya” with her singing expression. The film “Battle of Surabaya” itself is a 2D animation film made by Indonesian from STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta and part of MSV Pictures production.

Battle of Surabaya – The Adventure of Musa” recounts to you the adventure of Musa, a spontaneous, brave, thirteen-year-old shoe shiner, who makes a living under the pressure of necessity or poverty in the era of Japanese colonialism. In spite of the fact that life is not easy, he leads a life patiently. To Musa, life is a choice. As a matter of fact, being a shoe shiner is not bad, still such a job less leads to what he is struggling for, that is to say, patriotic spirit and peace, both based on divine values. Physically he is only a teenager, however, mentally he is a hero. He makes up his mind of choosing a job as a courier. Here, he is not a courier who merely delivers common letters, but the secret letters concerning the strategy of the war adopted from the true, pierce war that broke out in Indonesia, exactly in Surabaya on November 10th, 1945. It is worth for you watching this film to see how Musa with such letters, mediates the youths of Surabaya in the war. And how the youths, who are armed only with bamboo spears, are able to win the war with the allied forces, while such forces, which are developed under the aegis of the Dutch government, are armed with modern weapons. “Battle of Surabaya – The Adventure of Musa” is produced by Studio MSV Pictures and directed by Aryanto Yuniawan with the help by M Suyanto as a writer. The film will come to theater across Indonesia in by the end of 2015.

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