The anticipated visuals for Neurotic’s “Halusinasi” is finally here! We wrote an article on their 2nd album not long ago and on August 20th they have announced that the music video is now up on YouTube.

The video begins with Charita Utami of Midnight Quickie in a moonlit room being intoxicated while watching a gory anime. There is nothing funny about the bloody scene in here computer screen, but that does not stop her from occasionally laughing while continuing to consume hard liquor. Of course what is a psychedelic song without trippy visuals. After one and a half minute mark of the video, Charita impromptu dances by herself in outer space. The video ends with her emerging from a bathtub then proceeds to kill a man, possibly her lover.

Give the video a look and follow their Instagram for more updates.

Neurotic’s Single “Halusinasi” MV is Now Up on YouTube
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