Paying tribute to one of his favorite classic tv shows, In Living Color, Bruno Mars in collaboration with rapper Cardi B released a new music video for a remix version of his song, Finesse. The 90s vibes are glaring from many aspects. Starting from their appearances which are full of popping colours and striking patterns. Bruno rocked an Afro hairdo while Cardi alongside with the backup dancers dressed up like the Fly Girls members from the popular tv show.

The industrial backdrop with the archetypal scaffoldings also further referring to the nostalgic hit show. Not to mention, all the smooth and flowy dance breakdowns by Bruno Mars and his crews. Just three days after the release, the video has reached more than 11 million views. Original Fly Girls Jennifer Lopez has also acknowledged the tribute by posting her Fly Girls dancing video with the hashtag #Finesse on Instagram. Hit the play button to see it for yourselves.

Bruno Mars and Cardi B Enliven the 90s ‘In Living Color’ Vibe on the New ‘Finesse’ Music Video
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