From the creator of digital television network over at QUBtv, Eric Liem and Tasya P Maulana recently uploaded their latest work for “The Casuals” program featuring ten Jakarta young fashion luminaries and visionaries, such as Ayla Dimitri, Azima Rajasa, Diera Bachir, Joryans Syam, Nila Veronica, Amanda Hartanto, Abenk Alter, Allyssa Hawadi, Sarah Deshita, to Nandya Gita and talks about about how to add traditional element into their daily wear. For your information, this video is a part of “Festival Indonesia Vol.1” created by Dhrasta which aims to bring closer Indonesia’s fashion heritage to our everyday lives by underlining the knowledge and user experience as the red threads of the event. The company brought styling class with Indonesia’s traditional clothes as the main object, its application in our everyday style in the forms of exhibition from Indonesia’s fashion influencer and entertainment concept which is also emphasizing on Indonesian’s local taste. Those who attended this event certainly went back home with new knowledge, new perspective, and especially proudness to our beloved country and its culture, Indonesia. Watch the entire video for an eclectic look by these amazing people and get inspired by Indonesian heritage.

QUBtv is an online television network produces short-form videos, available for free via their website at The website is created by the founder, Eric, a graduate of Visual Communication Design from Pelita Harapan University who dreams that the site will be the movement that can blur the line between cultures in Indonesia that can cross the borders, genres and generations. Along with program director, Tasya P Maulana, who obsessed for pop culture started early in his childhood days and eager to explore as much popular culture as he can, they spans topics such as cutting-edge entertainment, culture, interview, lifestyle, and everything in between. They believes that good information can be entertaining, delivered in short time and easy to digest. For your information, “The Casuals” is an ongoing series designed to report today’s creative movements. Boasting the confidence and coolness of youth, it will reveal just where the latest innovation happening. This exclusive video was produced just before the opening day of “Festival Indonesia Vol.1” created by Dhrasta. Please visit the official site of QUBtv for more names behind the creative industry.

Festival Indonesia Vol.1 was held on Saturday and Sunday, March 28th and 29th 2015 starting from 10 in the morning to 8 at night. It was presented at Rumah Ranadi Kemang in South Jakarta. Those who came and spare their time throughout the weekend were able to see and witness the history of Indonesia heritage as well as few modern local goods from several participants. Aside from it, there were a lot of traditional heritage in form of photos or fabrics, food vendors, quality entertainment with Indonesia Heritage Euphoria, to Styling Exhibition that features a photo exhibition by fashion influencers or fashion enthusiasts among some professional figures. People also joined the Styling Class with Didie Maulana as a host, Fashion Director of Grazia Magazine, and Fashion Editor of Cleo Magazine. Last but not least was the great music performance by solo pop male artist Abenk Alter and Soul and The Echo band. The event Festival Indonesia Vol.1 is definitely a right event that provide new experience, knowledge, as well as inspiration for visitors, so they can revive the pride of Indonesian culture and apply it in their daily lives. For more story about this event or Dhrasta, feel free to click all the links above.

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